Clarendon Terrace

Saved from demolition and owned by the National Trust, Clarendon Terrace is the headquarters of the Menzies Foundation

Closing the gap in Indigenous Education

Workshop held at Clarendon Terrace on 7-8 July 2010

Workshop Report (pdf)

Workshop program

A Brief Personal View (pdf)
- John Mathews

Indigenous Education - people, relationships and real jobs (ppt)
- Gary Barnes

Commonwealth perspectives on Indigenous Education
- Steven Goodwin

Indigenous Education - the need for evidence (ppt)
- Jonathan Carapetis and Sven Silburn

Children between school, family & community: Support for Aboriginal parents and children during the transition to school
Gary Robinson

The central role of expert teaching in Indigenous schooling
- Helen Harper

Developing community school partnerships in remote communities (ppt)
- Les Mack

Things I have learnt and am still learning: The pros and cons of residential Indigenous schools located in remote communities
- Mark Doecke

Community engagement - experience of implementing Remote Learning Partnership Agreement. What have we learned as we move into Indigenous Education Action Plans: The Yirrkala experience
Rosa McKenna & Rarriwuy Marika

The Yirrkala Homeland Schools Experience
- Nalwurri Ngurruwutthun

Issues Surrounding Staffing, Literacy Acquisition and English as a Second Language Programs in Rural Aboriginal Schools: an Educator's Perspective (ppt)
Christine Nicholls

The role of the teacher (pdf)
- Barbara Kameniar

Perspective from Australian Council for Educational Research
- Nola Purdie

Seeding success: Potential new turning points (ppt)
Rhonda Craven


Break out Sessions (pdf)