Menzies Memorial TrophyMenzies Memorial TrophySir Robert Menzies had an abiding passion for cricket, making it a natural item in any Menzies remembrance program. The Menzies Foundation has supported various cricket-related activities since its inception in 1979.

Menzies Memorial Trophy

Five Menzies Memorial Cricket Matches between Victoria and the England XI have been held and after each match the winning team was awarded the Menzies Memorial Trophy.

Designed by Stuart Devlin, the trophy is on display at the Australian Prime Ministers' Centre at Old Parliament House, Canberra. It depicts eleven cricketers in various aspects of the game. The trophy is provided for the Prime Minister's XI matches.

PM's XI Man-of-the-Match Medallion

In recognition of Sir Robert Menzies' role in establishing the Prime Minister's XI cricket matches in 1951, the Foundation has since 2005 provided a Stuart Devlin medallion for the man-of-the-match at the Prime Minister's XI match. The medallion features eleven cricketers in various aspects of the game and is a replica of the Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Cricket Trophy.