Towards an Australian Centre for Research & Evidence in Allied Health

This workshop and background information over many years, resulted in the establishment of the Menzies Health Institute Queensland


  • Allied Health (AH) staff are still relatively young to research
  • Considerable work is needed to develop and promote a research culture in clinical practice in Australia
  • Many examples of good research(ers) but tend to be:
    – Disorder-based (e.g., aphasia, stuttering, gait, etc)
    – Within each profession, rather than cross-disciplines
    – Not necessarily (yet?) fully integrated in terms of providing good evidence-based models of multi-disciplinary AH care
  • Healthcare is being transferred from hospitals to community or home settings, esp. chronic illness
  • Changes to Australian health workforce
  • Need for quality, integrated, managed healthcare
  • Lack of available/accessible data about models of best practice in AH models either have not been developed or have not been scientifically tested
  • Need to develop the research base necessary for underpinning models of good practice across AH


Workshop held at Clarendon Terrace on 2 December 2009:

Perry, Prof Alison pdfAn Australian Centre for Allied Health Research and Evidence: a scoping study836.79 KB

Hodges, Prof Paul pdfAllied Health Research in Australia256.67 KB

Grimmer-Somers, Prof Karen pdfA decade in the journey of an allied health research concentration755.09 KB

Carey, Prof Leeanne pdfDiscipline-specific evidence (in OT) to Inter-disciplinary Research Networks692.9 KB

Pearson, Prof Alan 

Reilly, Prof Sheena

Moseley, Dr Anne

Summary: Hodges, Prof Paul pdf“Centre for Allied Health Research” workshop summary35.55 KB