Menzies Scholars

At the heart of the Menzies Foundation are our scholars.

Each year the Menzies Foundation offers seven prestigious scholarships; five postgraduate scholarships are awarded in allied health sciences research, engineering, medicine, law and international law. A further two tertiary scholarships are offered to rural secondary school students to go to Ormond College at The University of Melbourne. Individuals wanting to improve Australian civil society are given a once-in-a-lifetime chance to study at leading universities in Australia and overseas.

Menzies scholars have become inspirational academics, judges, policy-makers and education advocates; their world-class research has helped cure illness and disease.

Snapshot – A few Menzies Scholars

Prof Matthew Kiernan – The University of Sydney Bushell Chair of Neurology
Prof Paul Hodges – University of Queensland, Head of Neuroscience
Prof Simon Maddocks – Charles Darwin University Vice Chancellor
Justice Andrew Beech – Western Australia Supreme Court Justice
Prof Robyn O'Hehir – First Professor of Allergy in Australia
Justice Susan Kenny – Australian Federal Court Judge

All Scholars - short biographies

Current Menzies Scholars

Bernadette Brady - 2017 Menzies Research Scholarship in Allied Health Sciences

Olsen Garland - 2017 Menzies Scholarship in Engineering

Lyndon Goddard - 2017 Sir Ninian Stephen Menzies Scholarship in International Law 

Nathan van Wees 2017 Menzies Scholarship in Law

Dr Kevin Man - 2017 NHMRC/ R G Menzies Fellowship

Current Scholars - short biographies

Menzies Memorial Scholars Association 

All past Menzies Scholarship and Fellowship recipients are invited to become members of the Menzies Memorial Scholars Association.

The Association's activities include: a seminar style forum featuring presentations by scholars; the Annual General Meeting followed by a reception attended by Scholars, Board members and supporters of the Menzies Foundation; joint funding with the Menzies Foundation for the Menzies Centenary Prize, Dimboola; and the MMSA Newsletter, the "Menzies Brief".

The MMSA President and Secretary serve as Directors of the Menzies Foundation thereby making a direct and important contribution to the work of the Foundation.

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