Professor Julian Savulescu

Professor Julian Savulescu1994 Menzies Scholar in Medicine

BMedSci (Hons), MB(Hons), BS(Hons), MA, PhD FIBIOL

Current position:

Uehiro Chair in Practical Ethics, University of Oxford

Director of the Oxford Centre for Neuroethics

Director of the Institute for Science and Ethics 

Professor Savulescu is engaged in research, education and stimulating open public discussion around the ethical issues which arise in every day life and which are related to the changes in society, particularly those related to technological advancement. He has worked broadly in the ethics of science and medicine.

Research interests:

The ethics of the new biosciences: cloning, stem cells, genetics, artificial reproduction and neuroscience.



270 publications and over 150 invited international presentations.

Over 100 articles in journals such as the British Medical Journal, Lancet, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Bioethics, the Journal of Medical Ethics, American Journal of Bioethics, Medical Journal of Australia and Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology.

Career history:

Editor, Journal of Medical Ethics
Director of the Ethics of Genetics Unit, Murdoch Children's Research Institute, Melbourne
Director of the Bioethics Program, Centre for the Study of Health and Society, University of Melbourne
Chair of the Department of Human Services, Victoria, Ethics Committee
Clinical Ethicist at the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals

Aug 2011