Dr Julie Hides

Dr Julie Hides1993 Menzies Scholar in the Allied Health Sciences

I was born and raised in Brisbane and studied Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland. I returned to the Department of Physiotherapy to complete a Master of Physiotherapy Studies program in Manipulative Physiotherapy in 1990 and then went on to complete my PhD at the University of Queensland in 1996. For my PhD, I conducted a randomised clinical trial that investigated the effect of low back pain on a deep back muscle (the multifidus), the natural course of recovery of the muscle and the effectiveness of specific exercises on multifides muscle recovery and recurrence of symptoms.

On the basis of this research and that of my three co-researchers (one of whom is Professor Paul Hodges who was the 1994 Menzies scholar in the Allied Health Sciences), we established the Joint Stability Assessment Clinic at the Department of Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland. I am the Clinical Supervisor of this research clinic, which assesses the ability of the muscles to protect the spine and hence provide pain relief and decrease recurrence of symptoms.

Apart from this I regularly teach in this area, have co-authored a textbook and work part time at the Mater Public Hospital in Brisbane.

I also have a hectic family life. It is a busy life but a fulfilling one.