Associate Professor John Hooper

Associate Professor John Hooper2000 NHMRC/R G Menzies Fellow in Biomedical Science

John took up his Fellowship in 2001 at the Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, California, USA. His Fellowship research involved investigation of new proteolytic targets for inhibition of tumour induced angiogenesis - in lay terms we were looking for new ways to stop the spread of cancer. Currently my research is aimed at understanding the molecular changes that lead to cancer so that new approaches can be developed to treat this disease.

I have published 32 papers and 26 conference abstracts and been awarded 3 patents and my research has been funded by grants and Fellowships totalling $3.6M from the NHMRC, the Cancer Council Queensland and other agencies.

PhD (Pathology), University of Queensland, 1999
BSc (H1), University of Queensland, 1994

Current position
Senior Research Fellow, Mater Medical Research Institute's Cancer Biology Group.

Adjunct Associate Professor, Faculty of Health, School - Biomedical Sciences, University of Queensland

2008 Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation John Williams Cancer Travel Fellowship
2005-09 NHMRC R Douglas Wright Fellowship
2001-05 NHMRC CJ Martin / RG Menzies Post Doctoral Fellowship
2000 Queensland University of Technology Post Doctoral Fellowship (declined in favour of the Menzies Fellowship)
1998 Finalist - AMP Biomedical Research Awards
1995-98 Queensland Cancer Fund (John Earnshaw Scholarship
1995-98 Queensland Institute of Medical Research Mackerras Scholarship
1994 University of Queensland Medal for Outstanding Scholarship
1994 University of Queensland CSR Sugar Mills Group Prize (Hons Chemistry)
1993 University of Queensland TGH Jones Prize
1992 University of Queensland Edward Taylor Memorial Prize