Assoc Professor Andrew Palmer

Assoc Professor Andrew Palmer1991 Menzies Scholar in Law

Law degree, Monash University (1989)
BCL, St John's College, Oxford where he was the Vinerian Scholar.

Current position:
Associate Professor, Law School, University of Melbourne.
Barrister, Victorian Bar (admitted 1999).

Andrew Palmer is a lecturer and practising Barrister.

His research and teaching interests lie mainly in the area of evidence and proof, and he has twice acted as a consultant to the Victorian Parliament on inquiries into the law of evidence.

Dr Ken C Pang

Dr Ken C Pang2007 NHMRC/R G Menzies Fellowship

Dr Ken Pang from the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research took up his Fellowship in 2008 at the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard University. His study is "RNA transport: a new paradigm in cell-to-cell communication".

Commended - 2006 Victorian Premier's Award for Medical Research:

"Dr Pang has made a valuable contribution in a new area of biological research that focuses on the recently recognised non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs). Unlike the well-known mRNAs, ncRNAs do not code for proteins, but instead seem to regulate the expression and fate of mRNAs within cells.

"Dr Pang has chronicled both the evolution and developmental expression patterns of ncRNAs. He has assembled a comprehensive ncRNA database which has been accessed by biomedical researchers worldwide.

"He has described a new class of very large ncRNAs. Using the immune system as a model, he has also illustrated the likely importance of ncRNAs by showing that, when cytotoxic T lymphocytes develop, they express a characteristic set of novel ncRNAs which may contribute to their functional maturation.

Susanna Park

Susanna Park2010 NH MRC/RG Menzies Fellowship

Susanna completed a BSc with First Class Honours in neuroscience and a Bachelor of Psychology from the Australian National University (2004).  She received the University Medal in Neuroscience for her Honours research undertaken in the Neuronal Signalling Laboratory at the John Curtin School of Medical Research.  She completed her PhD under the supervision of Matthew Kiernan and Cindy Lin in 2010 focusing on chemotherapy-induced neurotoxicity.

From Neuroscience Research Australia, University of New South Wales, Susanna took up her postdoctoral Fellowship in 2011 at the Sobell Department of Motor Neuroscience and Movement Disorders, Institute of Neurology, University College London. She is working on the damaging impact of chemotherapy on nerves.

Susanna has several publications including two book chapters and has presented her research at national and international conferences for which she was awarded the Tow Research prize in 2007 and the Young Investigator prize at the Clinical Neurophysiology Workshop of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Neurologists in 2009.

Jan 2011

Matthew Pase

Matthew Pase2011 Menzies Memorial Scholar in the Allied Health Sciences

Matthew Pase holds the degrees of Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) with First Class Honours (2009) and Bachelor of Science (Psychology and Psychophysiology) (2008) from Swinburne University of Technology. His PhD project is investigating whether a healthy diet can help to counter the slowing of brain function with age.

A tutor in psychology at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Matthew’s research is already internationally recognized through presentations at conferences and articles in peer-reviewed journals. His most recent international conference presentation won the prestigious Templeton Foundation prize for best PhD paper. Another of his conference presentations was listed as a highlight at the world’s largest conference of hypertension and cardiovascular disease this year held in Milan and attended by more than 6,000 delegates.

Sept 2011

Kathleen Payne

Kathleen Payne1999 Menzies Memorial Scholar in Law


BA and LLB (H1) from the University of Queensland (1997) (awarded the University Medal)
MPhil (Criminology) (1 year), Cambridge University (1999)

Kathy is a Barrister in Brisbane.

Kathryn Peterson

Kathryn Peterson2007 Menzies Memorial Scholar in Law

Kate Peterson holds the degrees of BEc (Social Sciences) with First Class Honours and the University Medal (2004) and LLB with First Class Honours (2006) from the University of Sydney. She was ranked 3/316 in her graduating class.

Kate completed her one year scholarship at the London School of Economics where she gained an LLM (Labour Law).

She currently works as a Special Counsel at Workdynamic Australia.

March 2016

Dr John Pimanda

Dr John Pimanda2003 NHMRC/R G Menzies Fellowship

Dr John Pimanda from the Centre for Vascular Research at the University of New South Wales was awarded the Fellowship in 2003.  He was Haematology Fellow/Senior Medical Registrar at The Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney. 

John took up his Fellowship in 2004 at the Department of Haematology, University of Cambridge. His study was "Transcriptional Control of Stem Cell Identity and Development".

Oct 2003

Thomas Prince

Thomas Prince2009 Menzies Memorial Scholar in Law

Thomas Prince holds the degrees of LLB with First Class Honours and the University Medal (2008) and BSc with First Class Honours and the University Medal (2006) from the University of Sydney.

Tom took up the degree of LLM at University College, London in October 2009.

Oct 2008

Dr Keryn Proctor

Dr Keryn Proctor2004 Menzies Memorial Scholar in the Allied Health Sciences

Keryn Proctor holds the degree of Masters of Family Therapy from La Trobe University.

Kerry's PhD project entitled "The Breaking Through Project: A school, family and rural community partnership to reduce suicide risk and increase safety in schools for at risk youth", was carried out in the Bouverie Centre, La Trobe University. 

Breaking Through was developed in response to the concerns of the Departments of Education and Training (DE&T) and Human Services (DHS) about school bullying and violence and their link to depression and suicide in young people.  It is a community development and holistic approach to challenge discrimination in schools involving families, students, staff and workers.

Sep 2006

Luke Raffin

Luke Raffin2011 RG Menzies Scholar to Harvard

Mr Luke Raffin holds a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Arts (First Class Honours) from the University of Melbourne. His activities have included the creation of a venture philanthropy fund to support the growth of enterprises in remote indigenous communities, and projects to improve the effectiveness of the Victorian Children's Court and to optimise educational opportunities for young people in regional areas.

Luke studyied for a Master of Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Jun 2011

Aparna Rao

Aparna Rao2009 Menzies Scholar in Law

Ms Aparna Rao holds the degrees of LLB with First Class Honours and the University Medal and BSc (2007) from the Australian National University.

Aparna commenced the degrees of BCL and MPhil at Oxford University in October 2009.

Oct 2008