Menzies Memorial Scholars by Discipline and Year

Allied Health Sciences

2017 Brady, Bernadette Western Sydney University, PhD (Physiotherapy)
2016 Brown, Teresa University of Queensland, PhD (Dietitian)
2015 Oberstein, Sharon University of New South Wales, PhD (Optometry)
2013 Wu, Zhichao Centre for Eye Research Australia, PhD (Optometry)
2012 Pacey, Verity The University of Sydney, PhD (Physiotherapy)
2011 Galvin, Jane Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, PhD (Occupational Therapy)
2011 Pase, Matthew Swinburne University of Technology, PhD (Psychopharmacology)
2010 McCarthy, Leisa Menzies School of Health Research, PhD (Nutrition)
2010 Nix, Sheree University of Queensland, PhD (Podiatry)
2009 McCormack, Jane Charles Sturt University, PhD (Speech Pathology)
2009 Hall, Leanne University of Queensland, PhD (Physiotherapy)
2008 Hill, Dr Anne-Marie University of Queensland, PhD (Physiotherapy)
2008 Tully, Dr Phillip University of Adelaide, PhD (Psychology)
2007 Joshua, Dr Nicole Mental Health Research Institute, PhD (Psychology and Psychophysiology)
2007 McCarthy, Dr Maria Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, PhD (Family Therapy)
2007 Gainsbury, Dr Sally University of Sydney, PhD (Psychology)
2006 Barbaro, Dr Josephine La Trobe University, PhD (Psychology)
2006 Barrett, Dr Jacqueline Monash University, PhD (Nutrition)
2006 Dawson, Dr Anna University of Queensland, PhD (Physiotherapy)
2005 Chien, Dr Andy University of Queensland, PhD (Physiotherapy)
2005 Hassett, Dr Leanne University of Sydney, PhD (Physiotherapy)
2004 Dobson, Dr Fiona La Trobe University, PhD (Physiotherapy)
2004 O'Shea, Dr Simone La Trobe University, PhD (Physiotherapy)
2003 Proctor, Dr Keryn Bouverie Centre, La Trobe University, PhD (Psychology)
2002 Chang, Dr Angela University of Queensland,  PhD (Physiotherapy)
2001 Walsh, Dr Deborah University of Melbourne, PhD (Social Work)
2000 Ludlow, Dr Marie Flinders University, PhD (Psychology)
Troy, Lynda University of Queensland (Psychology)
1998 Souvlis, Dr Tina University of Queensland, PhD (Physiotherapy)
1997 Canning, Dr Colleen University of Sydney, PhD (Physiotherapy)
1996 Brauer, Prof Sandra University of Queensland, PhD (Physiotherapy)
1995 Harvey, Dr Allison University of NSW, PhD (Psychology)
1994 Hodges, Professor Paul University of Queensland, PhD (Physiotherapy)
1993 Hides Dr Julie University of Queensland, PhD (Physiotherapy)
1992 Fleming, A/Prof Jennifer University of Queensland, PhD (Occupational Therapy)
1991 Laakso, A/Prof Liisa University of Queensland, PhD (Physiotherapy)
1990 Lowell, Dr Anne University of Sydney, PhD (Speech Pathology)
1988 Goodall, Tracy


2017 Garland, Olsen MBA, London Business School
2016 Killen, Liz MSc (Science Communication), Imperial College London
2015 Lau, Quan MPhil (Engineering for Sustainable Development), University of Cambridge
2015 Gould, Anna MPhil (Bioscience Enterprise), University of Cambridge
2014 Bowly, David MPhil (Energy Technologies), University of Cambridge
2013 McLindin, Mahala MPhil (Water Science, Policy and Management), Oxford University
2012 Coff, Brittany MPhil (Sustainable Development), University of Cambridge
2012 Tayal, Anant (Dev) MPhil (Sustainable Development), University of Cambridge
2011 Sutanto, David MSc (Transport), Imperial College London
2009 Selimovic, Alisa PhD, Oxford University
2008 Shekhar, Rohan PhD, Cambridge University
2007 McCallum, Adrian PhD, Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge University
Scholarship not offered 1995-2006
1995 Jenkinson, Dr Mark Oxford, MSc
1994 Bond, Dr David Surrey, MPhil
1993 Whiting, Dr Andrew Imperial College, London, MPhil

International Law

2017 Goddard, Lyndon Master of Laws, The University of Cambridge
2016 Gilbourd, Joel Master of Laws (International Legal Studies), Georgetown University
2015 Wall, Patrick  Master of Laws (International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights), Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights 
2014 Ernst, Christine  Bachelor of Civil Law, University of Oxford 


2017 Van Wees, Nathan Oxford University, BCL
2016 Rumble, Emily Oxford University, BCL
2015 Currie, Andrew Oxford University, DPhil
2014 Ash, Christopher Oxford University, BCL
2013 Heaton, David Oxford University, BCL/MPhil
2012 Mitchell, Eleanor Oxford University, BCL
2011 Taylor, Ms Jane Oxford University, BCL/MPhil
2010 Hartford Davis, Mr Sebastian Oxford University, BCL/MPhil
2009 Prince, Mr Thomas University College, London, LLM
2009 Rao, Ms Aparna Oxford University, BCL and MPhil
2008 Ky, Mr Patrick Oxford University, BCL
2008 Wilkins, Ms Stefanie Oxford University, BCL
2007 McRae, Ms Rowan London School of Economics, LLM (Public International Law)
2007 Peterson, Ms Kate London School of Economics, LLM (Labour Law)
2007 van Zwieten, Ms Kristin Oxford University, BCL/MPhil
2006 Sathanapally, Dr Aruna Oxford University, BCL/MPhil
2006 Spagnolo, Mr Ben Oxford University, BCL/MPhil
2006 Upcher, Mr James Oxford University, DPhil
2005 Fetter, Mr Joel London School of Economics, LLM
2005 Golder, Dr Ben Birkbeck College, University of London, PhD
2005 Thomas, Mr David Oxford University, BCL
2004 Heath, Mr William Oxford University, BCL/MPhil
2004 Thiagarajan, Ms Premala Oxford University, BCL
2004 Tyson, Ms Nicole Oxford University, Master of Studies in Legal Research
2003 Dinelli, Dr Albert Oxford University, BCL/DPhil
2002 Bigos, Dr Oren Oxford University, BCL/DPhil
2002 Martin, Ms Sarah Oxford University, BCL/MPhil
2001 Flynn, Mr Patrick Cambridge University, LLM
2000 Brown, A/Prof Chester Cambridge University, PhD
2000 Hardcastle, Dr Rohan Oxford University, DPhil
1999 Payne, Ms Kathleen Cambridge University, MPhil
1999 Samuels, Dr Kirsti Oxford University, BCL
1998 Hogan-Doran, Mr Justin Oxford University, BCL
1998 Tyson, Mr Matthew Oxford University, BCL
1997 Hubble, Ms Gail Oxford University, BCL
1997 Donaghue, Dr Stephen Oxford University, DPhil
1996 Williams, Ms Frances Cambridge University, LLM
1996 Kenyon, Professor Andrew University College, London, LLM
1995 Leon, Ms Renée Cambridge University, LLM
1994 Hogan-Doran, Ms Dominique Oxford University, BCL
1993 De Sousa, Ms Dariel Oxford University, BCL
1992 Bird, Ms Joanna Oxford University, BCL
1991 Palmer, Assoc Professor Andrew Oxford University, BCL
1990 Mackenzie, Ms Anne Oxford University, BCL
1989 Staker, Dr Christopher Oxford University, DPhil
1989 Lamond, Dr Grant Oxford University, BCL
1988 McLachlan, Mr James (deceased) Cambridge University, LLM
1987 Derrington, Mr Roger Oxford University, BCL
1987 Hannaford, Mr Simon Oxford University, BCL
1986 Beech, The Hon Justice Andrew Oxford University, BCL
1985 Kenny, The Hon Justice Susan Oxford University, DPhil
1984 Darian-Smith, Mr Mark Oxford University, BCL
1983 Gibson, Ms Belinda Cambridge University, LLM
1982 Beshar (Jones), Ms Sarah Oxford University, BCL


The Harvard Club of Australia, the Australian National University and the Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Foundation jointly sponsor the Robert Gordon Menzies Scholarship to Harvard University. The Scholarship is administered by the Australian National University.
2016-17 Gattas, Nick MBA, Harvard Business School
2016-17 Matthews, Sibella Masters of Public Policy, John F Kennedy School of Government
2015-16 Mayoh, Patrick Masters of Public Policy, John F Kennedy School of Government
2015-16 Thomas, Andrew MBA, Harvard Business School
2015-16 Tyler, Matthew Masters of Public Policy, John F Kennedy School of Government
2014-15 Malian, Simon MSc Computational Science Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences 
2014-15  Chandran, Amy  Masters of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School of Government 
2014-15  Winkle, Angela  MBA, Harvard Business School
2013-14 Boyd, Mr David Master in Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education
2013-14 Tran, Mr Christopher Master of Laws at Harvard Law School, (American and comparative constitutional and administrative law)
2012-13 Brown, Mr Matthew MBA, Harvard Business School
2012-13 Roth, Ms Jessica LLM, Harvard Law School
2012-13 Webster, Mr Tristan MBA, Harvard Business School
2011-12 Lopes, Miss Angela MBA (Strategy and Business Development), Harvard Business School
2011-12 Raffin, Mr Luke Master of Public Policy, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard
2011-12 Smith, Ms Julia Masters in International Education Policy (Education Policy Evaluation and Innovation), Harvard Graduate School of Education
2010-11 Keane, Dr Gregory Master of Public Health (Health Policy and Management), Harvard School of Public Health
2010-11 Vootakuru, Dr Lakshmi Nayana Master of Public Health (Health Policy and Management), Harvard School of Public Health
2009-10 Campbell-Allen, Ricky Masters of Education (Education Policy and Management), Graduate School of Education
2009-10 Ward, Dr Stephanie Masters of Public Health (Healthcare Management and Policy), Harvard School of Public Health
2008-09 Barnett, Dr Clare Masters of Public Health (International Health), HSPH
2008-09 Cassidy, Ms Maja Doctorate in Applied Physics, School of Engineering and Applied Science
2007-08 Dawkins, Dr Rosie Masters in Public Health (International Health), HSPH
2006-07 Davidson, Ms Joanna
Slatyer, Ms Tracy
LLM, Harvard Law School
PhD (Theoretical Physics)
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
2005-06 Connolly, Ms Kate Master of Public Policy (International Trade and Finance), JFK School of Government
2004-05 Murphy, Mr Michael Master of Business Administration (General Management), HBS
2003-04 Baker, Ms Belinda Master of Laws (Constitutional and Criminal Law)
  Siskind, Dr Daniel Master of Public Health, HSPH
2002-03 West, Ms Alexandra Masters in Public Administration (Business & Government Policy), JFK School of Government
2001-02 Vines, Mr Nicholas Music PhD (Composition), GSAS
2000-01 Nguyen, Mr Quang Master of Business Administration, HBS
1999-00 Liew, Mr Jonathon Combined Master of Public Policy/Master of Business Administration
1998-99 Redwood, Mr Jonathon Law, LLM
1997-98 Nolan, Dr Monica
Harden, Ms Sarah
Wolfers, Mr Justin
Health, MPH
1996-97 Gee, Dr Sophie
Katz, Dr Erol
Atkinson, Mrs Luan
Thomas, Mr Peter
Law, LLM
1995-96 Johns, Dr Fleur Law, LLM
1994-95 Donald, Dr Anna (deceased)
Isles, Dr Alastair T
Law, LLM
1993-94 Charlesworth, Dr Esther
Percy de Korte, Ms Fiona
GSD, MArch
Health, MPH
1992-93 Blomeley, Mr Noel
Luntz, Ms Heather
Scott, Ms Felicity
Law, LLM
GSD, MArch
1991-92 Rubenstein, Ms Kim
Bergin, Mr Richard
Law, LLM
1990-91 Pender, Dr Anne
Hiscox, Professor Michael
1989-90 Elliott, Professor Graham
Kestin, A/Professor Mark
Health, MPH
1988-89 Elkins, Ms Kimberley GSE, PhD Ed
1987-88 Grant, Professor Simon
Scrimgeour, Dr David
Health, MPH
1986-87 Alt, Ms Merilyn JFK, MPA
1985-86 Carroll, Dr Patrick Health, MPH
1984-85 McCarthy, Mr Julian HBS, MBA
1983-84 Byrnes, Professor Andrew Law, LLM
1982-83 Carlin, Professor John
Charlesworth, Prof Hilary
Jones, Dr Adrian
Law, LLM
1981-82 Davidson, Mr Ian Law, LLM
1980-81 Nugent, Dr Helen M, AO HBS, MBA
1979-80 Rigney, Mr Henry Law, LLM
1978-89 Frost, Dr Peter GSE, EdD
1977-78 Parson, Mr Peter Law, LLM
1976-77 Kuczera, Professor George Marshall, Mr Peter GSAS PhD Eng HBS, MBA
1975-76 McDonald, Mr Graham GSD, MArch
1974-75 Bain, Dr Christopher Health, MPH
1973-74 No award  
1972-73 Beale, Mr Christopher HBS, MBA
1971-72 Arcus, Mr Terrey, AM HBS, MBA
1970-71 Withers, Professor Glenn, AO GSAS, PhD
1969-70 Cork, Mr Anatolij Law, LLM
1968-69 Glendenning, Mr Lionel GSD, MArch

NH&MRC/RG Menzies Fellowship

2016   Man, Dr Kevin Researching circadian rhythm regulation of immune cells for treatment of metabolic and cardiovascular illnesses
2015   Whitton, Dr Alexis CJ Martin Overseas Biomedical Fellow researching methods to facilitate early detection of bipolar disorder
2014   Man, Dr Si Ming  PhD research in the area of: ‘The role of Interferon-regulatory Factors in the host defense against bacterial infection’
2013   Riglar, Dr David Department of Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School and the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering
2012   Sands, Dr Scott Division of Sleep Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School
2011   Dawson, Dr Sarah-Jane Cancer Research UK, Cambridge Research Institute
2010   Park, Ms Susanna Sobell Department of Motor Neuroscience and Movement Disorders, Institute of Neurology, University College London, UK
2009   Worthley, Dr Daniel Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center, Columbia University, New York, USA
2008   Jenkins, Dr Misty Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, UK
2007   Pang, Dr Ken Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard University, USA
2006   Huntington, Dr Nick Department of Cytokines and Lymphoid Development, Pasteur Institute, Paris, France
2005   Liston, Dr Adrian Department of Immunology, School of Medicine, University of Washington, USA
2004   Rich, , A/Prof Anina Harvard Medical School, Harvard University/Brigham & Women's Hospital, Cambridge, MA
2003   Pimanda, Dr John Department of Haematology, University of Cambridge
2002   van der Weyden, Dr Louise Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, UK
2001   Estcourt, Dr Marie Institute of Molecular Medicine, Radcliff Hospital, Oxford
2000   Hooper, Dr John Department of Vascular Biology, The Scripps Research Institute, California USA
1999   Anderson, Dr Richard Department of Anatomy, Cambridge
1998   Kiernan, Dr Matthew Sobell Department of Neurophysiology, Institute of Neurology, London
1997   Anderson, Dr Robert Radcliffe Infirmary and Department of Molecular Immunology, Oxford
1996   Anderson, Dr Karen Babraham Institute, Cambridge
The Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Scholarship to the UK
1994   Savulescu, Dr Julian Oxford, Fellowship
1993   Dennis, Dr Carina Oxford, PhD (Molecular Medicine)
1992   Powell, Dr Elizabeth Oxford (Molecular Medicine)(Research)
1991   Silagy, Prof Christopher (deceased) Clinical Trials Research Unit, Oxford (Research)
    Rawlinson, Professor William Cambridge, PhD (Molecular Biology)
1989   Vandenberg Assoc/Prof Jamie Cambridge, PhD (Biochemistry)
1988   Graves, Dr Stephen Oxford, DPhil (Orthopaedic Surgery)
1987   Maddocks,Dr Simon Reproductive Biology Unit, Edinburgh (Research)
1986   O'Hehir, Professor Robyn Cardiothoracic Institute, London, PhD
1985   Arkwright, Dr Peter Oxford, DPhil (Hypertension)
1985   Morgan Assoc/Prof David Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Oxford (Research)
1984   O'Neill, Dr John Institute of Neurology, London (Research)
1984   Epstein, Dr Richard Cambridge, PhD (Medicine)
1983   Hardcastle Dr Philip Spinal Disorders Unit, Oswestry (Research)