Encouraging Australians to clarify their purpose, understand our collective responsibility to each other, and act for the greater good.

The Leadership Movement

Our support of leadership challenges builds the foundation for further consideration of how the lessons we learn about leadership translate into supporting a leadership movement. 

Thus encouraging all Australians to reflect on leadership, build their leadership capability and contribute to the ‘greater good.’ 

In this sense we work at two levels: interventions to catalytically address pressing leadership challenges on the ground and a bolder, more ambitious agenda to support a national leadership movement focused on the ‘greater good’. 

What we do

The Foundation supports leadership platforms which facilitate the exploration, understanding and codification of approaches to leadership. 

Our efforts to examine various dimensions of leadership from diverse perspectives reinforce the Foundation’s commitment to identifying the essential leadership qualities and attributes required for effective leadership in both the Australian and global context.

This important work supports our leadership movement as we share these insights with the Australian and Global community; contributing to the greater good.

Our Programs

To further the Foundation's objective of raising the profile and importance of 'outstanding leadership', we connect with leaders to enrich the dialogue and contribute to the leadership discourse


Menzies Foundation is committed to developing a best practice approach to its philanthropic work and supporting better practice in the sector.

Impact Investment

Menzies Foundation is committed to developing an impact management and measurement (IMM) framework to align with our overall vision and mission.

Our Collaboration Partners

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