Board Committees

Board Appointments Sub Committee

The Board Appointments Sub-Committee was formed in 2014 and ensures the Menzies Foundation has a robust and transparent process to appoint honorary Directors to the Board.

The members of the Board Appointments Sub-Committee are:

  • Mr Peter Jopling AM QC, Acting Chair
  • Ms Diana Menzies
  • Mr Terry Moran AC
  • Dr John Stocker AO
  • Ms Liz Gillies, CEO

Investment and Finance Committee

The Foundation's Investment and Finance Committee meets four times a year to make strategic decisions as to the management of the Foundation's corpus. The committee reports to the Board, via the Treasurer.

The members of the Investment and Finance Committee are:

  • Mr Harvey Kalman, Chair
  • Mr Chris Butler
  • Mr Adrian Lombardo, honorary committee member
  • Mr Rod Ebsworth, honorary committee member
  • Ms Liz Gillies, CEO