The members of the Association as Menzies Scholars are part of the living legacy of the ideals embodied by Sir Robert Menzies. They are an apolitical group of professionals and ex-scholars who support, and contribute to, the aims of the Menzies Foundation.

Menzies Scholar in Medicine (1985), Associate Professor David Morgan, is widely credited with first raising the concept of the MMSA saying "This group... (which) would naturally draw members from both the legal and medical (and other) professions, will by definition grow in numbers as the years pass by and could in time become a formidable force in the field of community service."

The current objectives of the MMSA are:

  1. To enhance engagement and networking between members of the MMSA
  2. To enhance engagement between the MMSA and the Menzies Foundation
  3. To provide opportunities for members of the MMSA to contribute to the work of the Menzies Foundation
  4. To provide the MMSA with direction and focus
  5. To raise the profile of members of the MMSA and Foundation.