Advisory Group Terms of Reference


The Alumni Advisory Group was established in February 2016 by the Menzies Foundation. Members were drawn from a list of alumni who expressed interest in a future formal role with the Menzies Memorial Scholars Association (MMSA) or who expressed a desire to be more involved in the work of the MMSA.

The Alumni Advisory Group provides a formal structure via which representatives of the Alumni can contribute to and provide leadership on a range of Alumni and Menzies Foundation related matters.

Notifications of vacancy for the positions of MMSA President or Secretary will be prioritised to firstly seek expressions of interest from members of the Alumni Advisory group. The positions of the MMSA President and Secretary also hold the position of a Menzies Foundation board member.


The objectives of the Alumni Advisory Group are to:

  1. provide support and guidance to the Alumni President and Secretary on current and new initiatives,
  2. provide ongoing guidance on the structure and purpose of the MMSA,
  3. develop new ways to increase Alumni engagement, and
  4. serve as a conduit via which Menzies Foundation initiatives are further communicated to Members’ networks.


  • Membership is drawn from members of the MMSA.
  • The maximum membership at any one time is 12 members.
  • Where possible, membership is to represent all scholarship disciplines.
  • The Menzies Foundation CEO and/or Communications Manager will be present at each meeting. The Chair may request the staff not attend a meeting.
  • Membership is for two years from appointment, with an option of a further two years.


The current MMSA President and Secretary are responsible for reporting on the activities of the group to the Menzies Foundation board at each board meeting.

A representative of the Alumni Advisory Group will report on the activities of the Group at the annual MMSA AGM.


  • Four meetings will be held per year (two face to face, two meetings via teleconference).
  • Meetings will occur prior to Menzies Foundation board meetings.
  • Meetings will be chaired by the MMSA President or MMSA Secretary.
  • Meeting agenda will be generated by the Menzies Foundation in discussion with the Chair.
  • Minutes will be taken at the meeting by the MMSA Secretary, or nominated person, and subsequently sent to the Menzies Foundation for finalisation and dissemination.
  • Previous Minutes and current agenda will be sent to the group one week before the next scheduled meeting.

The Terms of Reference will be reviewed annually.

Last reviewed: April 2016