Adrian Jones


Adrian Jones

1982 Harvard Menzies Scholar

Scholarship biography (at time of award)

Adrian Jones was awarded the scholarship to complete a PhD in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University.

Studied at: Harvard University

Current Biography

Adrian's academic interests traverse early-modern European histories, especially Russian, Balkan and Ottoman, and philosophies of the writing and researching of histories, and of their implications for the ways history is taught in schools and universities. He wants to transcend the limits of the linguistic turn in historiography, searching for ways to research and evoke lost realms of being. Adrian is also fascinated by the intersections between Russians, Romanians and Ottomans at the dawn of the eighteenth century.

Adrian also works as a Director of Teaching and Learning, working with colleagues in all the arts and humanities, locally, nationally and internationally. He specialises in innovative and inclusive first-year pedagogies, in re-considering how best to mentor active learning and better writing in the curriculum, and then how to encourage their "spillage"​ and "escape" into digital media and into new audiences in the community. Working with academics, Adrian always emphasises what they are setting their students up to do.

Scholarship Year: 1982

Fields of Interest