Dariel De Sousa


Dariel De Sousa

1993 Law Scholar

Scholarship biography (at time of award)

Dariel de Sousa graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Engineering with First Class Honours and a Bachelor of Laws with First Class Honours. Dariel earned several awards including the 1991 award for best honours thesis in a commercial law topic. After graduation, Dariel worked at Mallesons Stephen Jaques.

Dariel was awarded the Scholarship to complete a Bachelor of Civil Law at Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford.

Studied at: University of Oxford

Current Biography

I was born in Bombay, India. Shortly after my birth, my parents migrated to Melbourne, Australia where I was brought up. I studied law and mechanical engineering as an undergraduate at Monash University.
Upon completion of my degrees in 1991, I spent a year and a half working at Mallesons Stephen Jaques. While at Mallesons, I was exposed to a variety of areas but spent the last few months there working with the intellectual property/trade practices/ telecommunications group.

I won the Menzies Scholarship in Law in 1992 and commenced a two year BCL at Oxford in September 1993. While at Oxford, I developed a strong interest in international affairs and, particularly, international trade. I returned to Melbourne shortly after I completed my BCL and took up a position at Maddock Lonie & Chisholm as a construction and engineering lawyer. I was involved in a number of international matters while at Maddocks including assisting the Vietnamese government with the development of construction and planning laws, an arbitration based in Malaysia and a multi-million dollar construction dispute in India. These matters heightened my interest in international affairs. After two years at Maddocks, I decided to pursue this interest and commenced a Masters in Private and Public Management at Yale University focusing on international affairs and trade during my second year. My experiences at Oxford and Yale have proved enriching and eye-opening and have significantly broadened my horizons.
Dariel is a Consultant in the Sustainability & Climate Change team at Maddocks. Dariel draws on a broad range of skills and experience in a variety of areas including sustainability & climate change, energy and water regulation, competition law and policy, government procurement, construction and engineering, and international trade. Dariel’s diverse background enables her to provide sound practical advice, that takes account of the various legal and non-legal issues at stake.

Before re-joining Maddocks in 2008, Dariel worked at a variety of public sector institutions. She was a Counsellor at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in Geneva. In that capacity, she was involved in major international trade litigation involving an array of sectors, such as construction, manufacturing, agriculture and services. More recently, Dariel was a Director at the Australian Energy Regulator (AER), focusing on compliance and enforcement of the national electricity and gas rules.

Scholarship Year: 1993

Fields of Interest

Commercial Law, Engineering, International Trade, Law