John Pimanda


John Pimanda

2004 NHMRC Menzies Fellow

Scholarship biography (at time of award)

Dr John Pimanda from the Centre for Vascular Research at the University of New South Wales was awarded the NHMRC/RG Menzies Fellowship to study the ‘Transcriptional Control of Stem Cell Identity and Development’ at the University of Cambridge.

Studied at: University of Cambridge

Current Biography

John Pimanda is an Associate Professor at UNSW Australia and head of the stem cell group and the Adult Cancer Program at the Lowy Cancer Centre. He is a clinical academic and haematologist attached to the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney. Following the award of his PhD in 2004, he undertook post-doctoral research with Professors Bertie Göttgens and Tony Green at the University of Cambridge as an RG Menzies/CJ Martin research fellow of the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia. He returned to Australia in 2008 to set up a research program in stem cell biology and cancer. The major research themes of the Pimanda laboratory are the application of genomic technologies to investigate transcriptional networks in normal haematopoietic stem and leukaemic cells, gaining insights into the biology of and improving treatment outcomes in MDS and AML, and developing clinically appropriate tissue reprogramming protocols.

Scholarship Year: 2004

Fields of Interest

Medicine, Stem cells