Julian Savulescu


Julian Savulescu

1994 Scholar in Medicine

Scholarship biography (at time of award)

Julian Savulescu graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of medical Science, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery with honours in 1988 after which he completed his residency at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne.

Julian returned to Monash complete a PhD in 1991 under Professor Peter Singer entitled ‘Good Reasons to Die’. While studying he acted as a guest lecturer and tutor to medical students.

Julian was awarded the scholarship to complete a postdoctoral fellowship within the field of Applied Ethics at the University of Oxford. His fellowship will explore the challenging questions that arise around death, in particular he aims to analyse the range of desires to die and the implications of that analysis for a broad range of demographics within our society.

Studied at: University of Oxford

Current Biography

Professor Savulescu is engaged in research, education and stimulating open public discussion around the ethical issues which arise in everyday life and which are related to the changes in society, particularly those related to technological advancement. He has worked broadly in the ethics of science and medicine. His main current research interests are the ethics of the new biosciences: cloning, stem cells, genetics, artificial reproduction and neuroscience.

Julian Savulescu is qualified in medicine, bioethics and analytic philosophy. He has published over 230 articles in journals such as the British Medical Journal, Lancet, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Bioethics, the Journal of Medical Ethics, American Journal of Bioethics, Medical Journal of Australia and Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology.

He is Editor of the Journal of Medical Ethics, the highest impact journal in medical ethics according to Google Scholar, and has recently established the Journal of Practical Ethics, an open access journal in moral and political philosophy.

Previously , he was Director of the Ethics of Genetics Unit at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute, Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, Australia. He was also Director of the Bioethics Program at the Centre for the Study of Health and Society at the University of Melbourne and the Chair of the Department of Human Services, Victoria, Ethics Committee. He has worked as Clinical Ethicist at the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals

Scholarship Year: 1994

Fields of Interest