Bilyana (Noel) Blomeley


Bilyana (Noel) Blomeley

1992 Harvard Menzies Scholar

Scholarship biography (at time of award)

Bilyana (Noel) Blomeley is the first Torres Strait Islander male to attend Harvard University. He was awarded the Scholarship to complete a Master of Education and Philosophy at Harvard University.

Studied at: Harvard University

Current Biography

Bilyana Noel Blomeley (Torres Strait Islander) has a Masters degree in Indigenous Studies from Southern Cross University where he majored in trauma and trauma recovery.

He has a Masters degree in educational psychology and University Medal from Harvard Graduate School of Education. He has a post-graduate diploma in math education and a science degree in pure and applied mathematics.

Since 1987, he has lived, worked and studied alongside Indigenous peoples in Scandinavia, North America and Hawaii. He has fused Anglo-centred practices with Indigenous-oriented world-views and philosophies.

Bilyana presently works as a senior consultant with the NSW Department of Education and with over 30 years of formal education and teaching experience, coupled with his life as a strong, proud Torres Strait Islander he has proven to be an effective educationalist and open communicator.

Scholarship Year: 1992

Fields of Interest

Education, Policy