Sarah-Jane Dawson


Sarah-Jane Dawson

2012 NHMRC Menzies Fellow

Scholarship biography (at time of award)

Sarah-Jane Dawson was awarded the NHMRC/RG Menzies Fellowship to investigate the role of circulating tumour specific DNA (ctDNA) which can be found in the bloodstream of individuals with cancer. Her research aims to address how the measurement of ctDNA can be integrated into clinical practice to provide tangible benefits for women with breast cancer.

The first part of her Fellowship will be conducted at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Research Institute and she will carry out the last two years of her Fellowship at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne.

Studied at: University of Melbourne; University of Cambridge; Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Current Biography

Dr Sarah-Jane Dawson is a consultant oncologist and a clinician-scientist who obtained her medical degree from the University of Melbourne, Australia. She recently completed postdoctoral studies under the direction of Prof. Carlos Caldas and Dr. Nitzan Rosenfeld at the CRUK Cambridge Institute, University of Cambridge, UK where she focused on the development of novel cancer biomarkers. She is now the head of the newly formed Molecular Biomarkers and Translational Genomics Laboratory at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne, Australia. Her current research interests lie in understanding the genomic evolution of cancer and using this information to develop noninvasive molecular biomarkers for clinical application. Her recent research has centred on the application of next generation sequencing techniques to the study of circulating cell free tumor DNA.

Scholarship Year: 2012

Fields of Interest

Medicine, Cancer