Citizen Leadership and Community Resilience

Community Program(s), Incubator, Research; a systemic approach which explores the culture infrastructure and capability platform to build resilience and new ways of thinking to inform the development of governance and capital flows to support the agency and autonomy of communities to flourish.  Supporting an incubation process which leverages multiple expertise and perspectives to surface innovative solutions, trial, and test new approaches, and sense make and iterate in deep partnership with communities to drive impact.

Participatory Melbourne​

Participatory Melbourne is a collaborative initiative between Regen Melbourne, the Coalition of Everyone and Swinburne University [Australian Leadership Index] exploring scaling solutions that generate community agency, increase trust, create connectedness, and inspire active participation. It’s about renewal of our long-held processes and beliefs, one that’s rooted in the principles of community custodianship, collaborative governance, and democratic values that go beyond politics.

At the core, we recognise that change doesn’t happen in a vacuum based on individual action, but rather as an outcome of large-scale connections. That’s why we aim to use collective action to catalyse systemic change. 

Strengthening Communities

In collaboration with the Regional Leadership Collective and supported by GoodWolf Partners, this important project works to strengthens and cultivates Victorian community leadership programs, aiming to further elevate their impact and explore sustainable systemic approaches throughout the region.

Designed to promote citizen leadership and enhance community resilience, this strategic collaboration aims to provide insightful recommendations on governance, structure, and efficiency to explore sustainable and impactful approaches, aligned to the leadership qualities required to lead in uncertain and challenging times. 

Climate Justice Discovery Project

In  partnership with Collaboration for Impact and Centre for Just Places, Jesuit Services, this work explores and identifies opportunities and conditions that affect local agency and power, with a specific focus on addressing inequities in the context of a changing climate.

The Climate Justice Discovery Project will listen and learn from diverse communities and other decision makers experiencing a range of complex climate related challenges. The aim is to explore climate justice across the spectrum of climate change interventions , with a specific focus on prevention, response, and discovery.  

Menzies Foundation is committed to developing a best practice approach to its philanthropic work and supporting better practice in the sector.