Creativity in Constraints – watch the 2020 Menzies Oration

We hope you had the opportunity to join us last Wednesday, and were as excited as we were, to reflect on the 2020 Menzies Oration that featured Dr Tina Seelig, where she explored a series of compelling case studies and examples of creativity with constraints. The oration followed a workshop Dr Seelig led at the Wade Institute of Entrepreneurship, the week prior, where a group of emerging Australian entrepreneurs had the opportunity to interact with Dr Seelig, putting her theory into practice.

Watch again and share with your colleagues

If you missed the opportunity to view the oration live, or you would simply like to share the session with friends and colleagues, the video is now live online to view at your leisure. We have received several requests from people hoping to share the presentation, and so very happy for you to do so and share widely. The presentation will also soon be heard nationally on the ABC radio series, Big Ideas.

View here: The 2020 Menzies Oration: Dr Tina Seelig, Creativity with Constraints

Future updates, and upcoming events

For those audience members who chose to receive further updates from the Menzies Foundation or MAP, you can expect to be updated with upcoming news and events soon. We also wish to extend the opportunity to participate in an upcoming event, which is very much in line with the concepts Dr Seelig spoke to in her presentation.

The 2020 MAP Demo Day – where a cohort of emerging entrepreneurs, present their startups to the public after an intensive program of acceleration, is taking place on Wednesday the 4th November. This highly interactive online event has many compelling elements, including significant opportunities to network with the entrepreneurs, and other audience members. For more information and to register for free, simply follow this link.

Thanks again for your interest in the 2020 Menzies Oration. We look forward to welcoming another international speaker of excellence in 2021, and hope you will join us then.

To learn more about the Menzies Oration please visit here