Indigenous Women's Entrepreneurship

Program, Research, Financial Service; supporting economic independence and long-lasting intergenerational change for Indigenous women through sustainable business development.

Business Club

Addressing Indigenous issues remains one of the most pressing leadership challenges facing Australia. Moreover, there is a growing global recognition of the significant benefits of promoting platforms that facilitate women’s economic empowerment. Such platforms enable women to support themselves, their families, and their communities while connecting them to markets and providing access to financial services. 

The Maganda (Tomorrow) Makers Business Club empowers Kimberley Indigenous women to build wealth through business. In partnership with Kimberley Jiyigas and Good Return, the club supports over 150 women across the Kimberley, Western Australia.

Eco-System Mapping

Together with First Australians Capital, Kimberley Jiyigas (Maganda Makers), and Violet Co Legal Consulting this important piece of work will strengthen the understanding of the ecosystems that Indigenous women entrepreneurs in the Kimberley, and in rural and remote Australia, work with, and within. 

This research will inform a collaborative idea incubator resulting in systems eco-mapping to identify synergies and opportunities supporting women’s indigenous entrepreneurship in the Kimberley. It will also generate a Forum agenda to structure associated workshops to explore further opportunities and new vehicles for collaboration.

Blended Capital Models

Together with Trust Waikato (New Zealand), and Criterion Institute, this work explores blended capital models to support indigenous women’s enterprising and entrepreneurship while also Identifying blended capital approaches to support sustainable financing models for Indigenous women entrepreneurs.

Released in 2023, the research report includes recommendations regarding ways that a blended finance approach can specifically advance gender equality and support indigenous women to build enterprises that contribute to a circular economy which supports themselves, their families, and the community. 

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