Former Chief Scientist joins Menzies Board

18 June 2015

Dr John Stocker AOWith a distinguished career in pharmaceutical research and extensive experience in the commercialisation of research and development, former Chief Executive of the CSIRO, Dr John Stocker AO, has strengthened the research credentials of the Menzies Foundation board.

John has served in a number of pre-eminent science roles including the Australian Government's Chief Scientist, Chairman of the Australian Science and Technology Council and as a member of the Australian Research Council.

John was a foundation member of the Prime Minister's Science, Engineering and Innovation Council. He is currently Chair of the Science and Engineering Advisory Committee for EPA Victoria.

John was also a Board member of The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute for Medical Research from 2000 to 2006. He was Chief Executive of CSIRO from 1990-1995 – the first Chief Executive to be appointed from outside the organisation – and later returned as Chairman from 2007-2010. John has also served on the board of directors of a number of Australian and overseas companies.

John's earlier career involved working on monoclonal antibodies and leading an international task force into the scientific and commercial opportunities offered by biotechnology-based vaccines.
The Australian newspaper named him 'Australian of the Year' in February 1992. He was appointed an Officer in the Order of Australia in June 1999 and was awarded the Centenary Medal in 2001.

John has a strong interest in viticulture and is a former Director of Wine Victoria.

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