Call for outstanding law graduates

15 July 2015


The Menzies Foundation is looking for outstanding law graduates who are shaping up to be the next generation of leaders and looking to do further postgraduate study overseas. Applications are open now for two scholarships valued at up to $75,000.

The Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Scholarship in Law is for courses of study at UK universities.

The Sir Ninian Stephen Menzies Scholarship in International Law is for courses of study in international law at a prestigious overseas university.

The Menzies Foundation has opened its annual call for applications, which can be completed online before Monday 31 August.

To be eligible, applicants must be Australian citizens and hold a First Class Honours degree or equivalent at the time of application and be planning to continue their career in Australia on completion of their study.

Candidates should not only display academic excellence but also demonstrate outstanding leadership qualities and a commitment to and interest in community service.

The funds are to meet compulsory university fees and contribute towards the cost of books, equipment, living and travel.

2013 Menzies Scholar in Law, David Heaton, is currently studying a Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) and Master of Philosophy in Law (MPhil) at Oxford University. Read more about his experiences.