Design-led disaster recovery

7 October 2015

Sustainable Housing ReconstructionAt the launch of her new book, Sustainable Housing Reconstruction, RMIT Associate Professor Dr Esther Charlesworth, said design is a powerful tool to help manage the complex global challenges of our time - poverty, war, disaster, global warming and more.

The book (which is all about the housing reconstruction process after disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, cyclones, floods or fires) and RMIT’s new Master of Disaster, Design and Development, which was also launched this week, are heavily based on Charlesworth’s ARC Future Fellowship ‘Architecture on the edge’.

A Harvard Menzies Scholar and the creator of Architects without Frontiers, Dr Charlesworth believes the time is right to utilise this kind of design-led approach to help address issues such as the catastrophic humanitarian disaster of displaced people in countries such as Syria.

The book and the new RMIT course have been put together in collaboration with UN-Habitat, the International Federation of the Red Cross and co-author Ifte Ahmed.

Visit RMIT’s website to find out more about the Master of Disaster, Design and Development.