Zhi takes eye research to the States

14 January 2016

Dr Zhichao Wu with a film crew

A man whose early career is already making a difference for those with age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma, 2013 Menzies Allied Health Research Scholar, Dr Zhichao Wu, heads off to the United States this week for the next stage of his research.

Zhi was one of several Menzies Scholars who attracted NHMRC funding late last year, and with his Early Career Research Fellowship he is heading to the University of Southern California in San Diego, where they have a reputation for landmark clinical research into glaucoma.

He will conduct his fellowship at USC for two years with the hope of bringing new skills back to continue a large study in Australia.

Zhi and his wife Charissa, worked with us and his fantastic colleagues at the Centre for Eye Research Australia (CERA) this week to start filming a new Menzies Foundation video just before they flew off.

Zhi plans to conduct his research for the next two years in California and the team at CERA certainly hope he will be back to continue his projects, which have the capacity to make a significant difference to the early detection of eye disease in hundreds of thousands of Australians.