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22 March 2016

Patrick MayohWhen he headed off to Harvard late last year, 2015 Harvard Menzies Scholar, Patrick Mayoh, had some pretty clear goals.

One of them was that in his future career he wanted to use his public policy experience to help shape Australia’s engagement with the US.

Patrick, who is studying a Masters in Public Policy at the John F Kennedy School of Government, has already been afforded the opportunity to further that goal with his selection to the Australian-American Youth Leadership Dialogue (YLD).

The Australian-American Leadership Dialogue established the YLD in 2007 as a forum for robust dialogue between emerging leaders in the Australian-American relationship. The forum brings together young leaders from a range of industries to help review and refine the parameters of the Australian-American bilateral relationship. 

Patrick is also getting a deeper understanding and appreciation of leadership, as he is part of the Harvard Center for Public Leadership's Spring Leadership Cohort and will be leading a seminar with former Massachusetts Governor Patrick on 'The Challenges of Leadership in Public Office' as part of this work. 

The Center for Public Leadership engages graduate students from various leadership backgrounds in a leadership development framework that presents leadership as a three-stage process: leadership of self, leadership of teams and leadership of organisations.

The programs create opportunities for experiential leadership, deeper self-reflections of leadership challenges and skills, and the development of a more meaningful perspective of the communities they serve.

Patrick was chosen to be part of the Leadership Development Cohort, which is a group of 15 Harvard Kennedy School students chosen from a competitive application pool. They will take part in a program of workshops in behavioural economics, negotiations, public institutions and running for office; cohort meetings on strengthening leadership capabilities and also have individual leadership coaching.

Patrick and two of his cohort members will convene the seminar with Governor Patrick.

Just for good measure and because he didn’t have enough to do in his spare time, Patrick has also been nominated as the Kennedy School's Professional Development Co-Chair of the Diplomacy Professional Interest Council. 

This is a young leader in a hurry!

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