Menzies Foundation urges Australians to rise above the political debate

Menzies Foundation supports ‘yes’ vote on First Nations Voice to Parliament

The Menzies Foundation, which was founded in 1979 to build on the legacy of Sir Robert Menzies, has thrown its support behind the Yes campaign, urging Australians to rise above the political debate and to embrace the higher purpose behind the Voice.

The non-partisan Foundation believes the First Nations Voice provides the opportunity to develop a new form of partnership with Indigenous Australians founded on trust and an aspiration to work respectfully and collectively for the ‘greater good’.

The Foundation strongly endorses the Uluru Statement from the Heart and its belief that enshrining the Voice in the Constitution will deliver a “fuller expression of Australia’s nationhood”.

The Foundation believes that there is strong alignment between the Voice and our National purpose, with a clear sense that something must change to address the unacceptable life outcomes for too many Indigenous Australians. The Foundation believes there is a growing recognition that elevating the voice of Indigenous Australians is an important step towards building a more trusted and collaborative future for all Australians.

“We stand with our First Nations people to ensure that their voices have a definitive platform from which to re-imagine a stronger, better Australia,” says Liz Gillies, CEO, Menzies Foundation. “We urge all Australians to rise above the political debate, to embrace the higher purpose behind the Voice and to consider the role all of us can play in bringing it to fruition.


She continues, “With the wording of the referendum question now settled, and with the exhaustive work that has gone into the form and purpose of the Voice over more than a decade, we believe Australians now have enough information to make a considered decision on whether the Voice should be enshrined in the Constitution, leaving future parliaments to determine its membership, functions, powers and procedures.”

The Menzies Foundation, inspired by the legacy of Sir Robert Menzies, is committed to creating opportunities to support the next generation of Australian leaders and has identified improving outcomes for Indigenous Australians as one of the nation’s most pressing leadership challenges.

One of the Foundation’s focus areas is Indigenous women’s entrepreneurship, including through the community-led Maganda Makers initiative that works with Indigenous women in the Kimberley to support economic development, financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

“The insight and power of the Indigenous women who lead Maganda Makers is a compelling affirmation of the importance of ensuring that Indigenous voices are elevated to become instrumental in shaping a new future for Indigenous Australia,” Gillies says.

You can read the Foundation’s full statement here