Purpose-Driven leadership takes centre stage: Menzies Foundation engages Leadership Specialist for new podcast series

In addition to the already established Menzies Leadership Forum podcast series, the Menzies Foundation has formed a dynamic partnership with renowned leadership specialist, Peter Collins of Collins Leadership to launch a series of thought-provoking podcasts based on the belief that leaders need expert assistance and grounded advice to successfully lead teams through unpredictable and challenging times; ultimately building cultures that are high performing and ethical.

Aligned with the Foundation’s commitment in supporting Australians to clarify their purpose, understand their collective responsibility to each other, and act for the greater good, these podcasts will delve into the essence of leadership, featuring conversations with a selection of influential figures from various backgrounds, with each episode offering insights into how individuals navigate challenges and lead with courage, wisdom, and resilience.

As host of the series, Peter Collins will deliver high-quality content that reflects the Menzies Foundation’s philosophy that recognises the significance of purpose as a foundation for any leadership journey. Purpose and the elucidation of the values and principles that underpin it, provides a framework to identify goals and actions that anchor leaders and orient them toward the greater good. Through this lens, the series will look to provide captivating reflections, meaningful conversations and inspire action.

“We are thrilled to partner with Peter Collins to produce this innovative podcast series. In exploring the critical theme of ‘Pivot to Purpose’, we hope to ignite a passion for purpose-driven leadership and empower individuals to make a positive impact in their communities.”

Liz Gillies, CEO, Menzies Foundation

The series will consist of eight episodes, each offering a unique perspective on leadership and its role in driving meaningful change. From personal anecdotes to practical insights, the podcasts promise to engage, enlighten, and empower listeners to embrace purpose-driven leadership in their own lives.

Stay tuned for the release of the first podcast episode. For updates and further information, visit the Menzies Foundation website and through the Foundation’s social media channels.