Sarah Jenkins, announced Kaplan Business School MBA Scholarship Recipient

Menzies Foundation is delighted to announce, our very own Strategic Communications Manager, Sarah Jenkins has been awarded the Kaplan Business School MBA Scholarship.

“Sarah is an outstanding member of the Menzies Foundation team. She has strong values, an outstanding work ethic and enormous potential. Supporting Sarah to undertake the Kaplan Business School MBA Program, will ensure that she continues to make a significant and substantial contribution to the Australian social impact agenda and that she is positioned to take on the type of future leadership roles which are essential if Australia is to grapple with the increasingly complex social challenges we face as a nation, in our region and globally.” – Liz Gillies, CEO, Menzies Foundation

On receiving the award Sarah Jenkins, said, “I will be a better-equipped leader with the necessary understanding and skills to drive high-level business strategy, sustainability and innovation”.

In 2019, Sarah joined the lean and robust team at the Menzies Foundation. She has since crafted the Foundation’s narrative and communication strategy. The development of this strategic communications platform is essential for ‘movement building’ and requires a strong strategic, management and communication skills set. Sarah has brought so much to this important work, which sits at the forefront of communication practice.

We warmly congratulate Sarah and the other recipients on this well deserved and wonderful opportunity.

Many thanks to Australian Scholarships Foundation and Kaplan Business School