NEWS: Please note the Menzies Foundation will not be opening any scholarships in 2017. We'd encourage you to read the story 'New Leaders, New Focus', for more news on the change of focus for the Foundation.

The Sir Ninian Stephen/RG Menzies Scholarship in International Law will open again in 2018 following a review of the criteria and prospectus.

We'd encourage you to keep checking back for updates on our work.

Sir Robert was a strong and confident leader who showed compassion and loyalty, strived for excellence in all things and displayed true community spirit.

The Menzies Foundation inspires and nurtures Australia’s future leaders. We look for students who will represent the Menzies ethos of being the best you can be, no matter where you start: taking risks, inspiring others and being willing to work hard. These leaders can be in a number of fields – allied health and medical research, law and engineering.

Our outstanding alumni boasts world leaders in areas such as heart, allergy, bone, cancer and autism research, senior members of the judiciary and legal profession, polar and climate change experts, the founders of successful social enterprises, leading academics at national and international universities, ethics experts and leading voices in economics and public policy. And that’s just a taste of what our scholars achieve.

The story of what the Menzies Foundation has helped them achieve is best told by our scholars.