School Leadership

School systems worldwide acknowledge the vital importance of school leadership in building and enhancing the quality of education, to improve student learning outcomes. 

The Menzies School Leadership Incubator continues to focus on increasing the skills and capability of leaders to build collective efficacy and building core, adaptive, clarity and VUCA skills to generate behaviours and actions that support collective efficacy at the school and network level. 

The Incubator has identified five leadership domains which underpin the leadership of Collective Efficacy; Understanding Collective Efficacy Systems; Leadership Change; Leadership Team, and Leadership Collaborative Capacity.

Rising Team for Schools

Expanding upon the progress made by the Incubator, the Menzies Foundation and software company, Rising Team have partnered to create Rising Team for Schools. This ed-tech initiative is digitising the collective efficacy mapping tool and building a platform to enhance collaborative capabilities of schools


Incubator, Ed-Tech Platform, Fellowship Program; The work of the Menzies School Leadership Incubator suggests we need a new approach to leadership that supports school leaders to better manage transformational change and deepen collaborative capacity necessary to cultivate collective efficacy to improve student learning outcomes. 




  • Tom Bentley (Chair), Executive Director for Policy and Impact, RMIT
  • Dr. Sean Butler, Foundation Principal, Preston High School
  • Adam Canwell, Global Lead, Leadership Services, EY
  • Liz Gillies, CEO, Menzies Foundation
  • Kathryn Greiner AO, Director, Menzies Foundation
  • Emeritus Laureate Professor John Hattie, University of Melbourne, Chair, Board of the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership
  • Katherine Henderson, Honorary Senior Fellow, University of Melbourne
  • Frances Maguire, Director, Menzies Foundation
  • Anna Young, Executive, Leadership and Talent, NAB

Menzies Foundation is committed to developing a best practice approach to its philanthropic work and supporting better practice in the sector.