Strengthening Community Resilience; Menzies Foundation partners with Regional Leadership Collective

Working with an outstanding group of collaboration partners, the Menzies Foundation is committed to developing a systemic approach to citizen leadership and community resilience. Exploring the culture infrastructure and capability platform to build resilience and new ways of thinking, this focus will inform the development of governance and capital flows to support the agency and autonomy of communities to flourish.

An important piece of this work will see Menzies Foundation, in collaboration with the Regional Leadership Collective and supported by GoodWolf Partners, unite efforts to strengthen and cultivate Victorian community resilience, aiming to further elevate their impact and explore sustainable systemic approaches throughout the region. This strategic collaboration, in addition to the citizen leadership and community resilience work currently underway with partner, Regen Melbourne (Particpatory Melbourne), aims to foster leadership initiatives that resonate with community needs across nine diverse locations throughout Victoria.

“The Menzies Foundation is deeply committed to this important work, which not only aims to significantly enhance community leadership across the state but also encourage Australians to clarify their purpose, understand our collective responsibility, and act for the ‘greater good’. This partnership stands as a testament to our shared vision of empowering individuals and communities through effective leadership initiatives, reinforcing our dedication to purposeful impact throughout Australia”.

Liz Gillies, Menzies Foundation CEO

The collaboration will focus on crafting a unified approach that is adaptable to the unique requirements of each community, designed to promote citizen leadership and enhance community resilience, reflecting the specific context and demands of local areas.

The key deliverables of this collaboration include the development of a comprehensive strategy for program design and delivery, community project execution, and program management. Additionally, the partnership will provide insightful recommendations on governance, structure, and efficiency to ensure sustainable and impactful leadership programs.

An integral part of this initiative is the emphasis on collaborative planning and execution, with the partnership’s journey beginning in February 2024, with a thorough data collection and analysis phase, establishing the groundwork for the development of well-informed strategies. This approach ensures that each step is built on a foundation of precise insights, setting the stage for impactful and sustainable leadership enhancement across the region.

Following this, a co-design workshop, taking place in March 2024, will bring together diverse stakeholders to collaboratively craft the leadership framework, ensuring it resonates with the unique fabric of each community. Subsequent phases will focus on developing a strategy for program design and delivery, along with a set of strategic recommendations for governance, structure, and operational efficiency, culminating in June 2024.

These efforts aim to equip the initiative with a clear, actionable implementation plan, underpinned by continuous stakeholder engagement to ensure relevance and efficacy. As the programs roll out post-June 2024, their impact on fostering resilient and empowered communities will be closely monitored, highlighting the initiative’s commitment to creating sustainable, impactful leadership development across Victoria.

We are excited to keep you informed as this initiative progresses.