The Great Shift: Menzies Foundation’s journey toward Impact Investing

The philanthropic landscape is undergoing a significant transformation, and the Menzies Foundation is leading this change with innovative strides. Over the past two years, the Foundation has undertaken a comprehensive review of its investment strategies, aligning them more closely with its core values. A key component of this strategic shift is the integration of the ABC (Avoid/Benefit/Contribute) framework into the Foundation’s Investment Policy, signaling a commitment to responsible impact investing.

This approach not only reflects a deepened commitment to ethical investment but also amplifies the Foundation’s ability to make meaningful social and environmental contributions, extending its impact well beyond traditional grant making. Through these efforts, the Menzies Foundation is not just adapting to the evolving philanthropic environment; it is actively shaping it, setting a new standard for how Foundations can leverage their assets for the ‘greater good’.

In partnership with investment management firm, Brightlight Impact, the Menzies Foundation is navigating the complex landscape of impact investing. Brightlight Impact’s role extends beyond mere advisory; it acts as a river guide, helping the Foundation address critical stakeholder concerns and align its investment portfolio with its philanthropic goals. The journey involves rigorous examination and recalibration of investment strategies, underpinned by the Foundation’s commitment to leadership, purpose, and the ‘greater good’. Through this case study, the Menzies Foundation shares valuable learnings, including the importance of internal alignment, the intricacies of portfolio restructuring, and the impact of strategic investment decisions.

Further to this, within the case study, the overall alignment highlights the global trend toward impact investing, showcasing a variety of experiences from Charitable Trusts and Foundations around the world; collectively emphasising the shared challenges and strategic responses faced, demonstrating a growing movement towards a more responsible investment ethos.

“The Foundation’s transition is a testament to its visionary approach and through the dedication of it’s Board to create a lasting impact. As the Foundation continues to refine its investment strategies, it remains committed to sharing its journey, inspiring others in the philanthropic community, and contributing to a more sustainable and equitable future”.

Liz Gillies, CEO, Menzies Foundation

*Case Study prepared by Sandy Carvajal and Tim Macready.

For more information about the Menzies Foundation’s impact investing journey and insights from the case study, please contact Brightlight Impact directly.