Menzies Memorial Scholars Association

The Menzies Memorial Scholars Association (MMSA) is the alumni of the Menzies Foundation. It comprises over 200 Menzies scholarship and fellowship recipients in allied health, engineering, law, medicine and a range of other disciplines taken up at Harvard University. Each and every scholar is a leader (or future leader) in their field.

The MMSA strives to establish a lively, engaged and active community of current and former Menzies scholars, which also supports and helps further the vision of the Menzies Foundation to be a catalyst for achievement.

The MMSA President and Secretary/Treasurer are elected to one year terms and are full members of the Menzies Foundation Board. The Secretary/Treasurer goes on to become President the following year.

MMSA office bearers


Adrian McCallum


Sheree Hurn

If you have a question about the MMSA, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.